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Street Fighter Four Still An LG Exclusive

Bad news for street fighter fans: Street Fighter 4 HD has bumped its Android unleash back, a minimum of consistent with the sign-up page for the Global Championship 2012 Tournament. Previously the sport had been scheduled for a fourth quarter unleash, however obviously, that’s unlikely to happen at this point. There’s no word on when the game may show up, and unfortunately, it still appears to be exclusive to LG customers: the sole phone verified to induce the sport so so much within the US is AT&T’s LG Nitro HD, though Japanese customers should see it on the Asian equivalent, the LG Optimus LTE.

The game should be ready by at least January 14th, when the qualifying tournament is scheduled to begin. Two tournaments will be offered, one played on the Optimus LTE/Nitro HD, and the other on the Xbox 360. You can enter both tournaments if you wish. Prizes include up to $10,000 for first place on the phone version, but just $5,800 on the Xbox – it’s a tough decision between traditional button controls and an extra $4,200 in prize money. The qualifying tournament will consist of 128 players, with the sweet sixteen matches posted on the web for viewing later.

There’s still no information on a public release, or when the game will see the light of day on non-LG devices. As a promotional vehicle it’s a smart move for LG, especially among gamers, but I can’t help but think that owners of the Xperia Play won’t be thrilled to hear this news. At least there’s plenty of old-school gaming to keep you busy in the meantime: Grand Theft Auto 3, Sonic CD and Oregon Trail all recently debuted on the Android Market.

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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Modification Will Change The Softkeys & Color

For Galaxy Nexus owners that just picked up their device from Verizon, you may finally have a reason to root your device. Yes, rooting will void your warranty – but it opens a world of latest accessible features. Even though Verizon’s Nexus is fairly new, development has been progressing at an wonderful rate. We recently discussed a battery mod compatible with the Android Revolution HD ROM for the Galaxy Nexus, and now there's a softkey mod that adds a “Search” softkey pictured as a magnifying glass to the right of the underside menu buttons.

The softkeys are also available in numerous colors; personally, I like the ICS blue. It looks wonderful. You can currently expect support for each the 4.0.2 and 4.0.3 primarily based ROMs, and as they are incorporated into future work – I’m positive the project can continue its support. Paired with the battery percentage modification, the Galaxy Nexus couldn’t feel more complete.

However, we tend to haven’t had a chance to check out any of the newly developed kernels yet – and there are masses out there. Most require the user to be on a 4.0.3 base, but till a few a lot of bugs are discovered I plan on keeping a close eye out rather than continuously flashing the latest builds. If any of you are rocking a Galaxy Nexus, be happy to share with the community how abundant higher/worse your battery life has become.

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Motorola DROID RAZR Update Slicing Onto Handsets

We have a tendency to’ve mentioned the big bugfix and software update for the recently released DROID RAZR additional than some times already. Earlier in the week Verizon released the official documents and update details and mentioned it was rolling out. Most users haven’t seen the update yet but today Motorola themselves have confirmed users ought to have started getting the OTA as of yesterday.

Along with enhancements to that camera and 4G LTE association we have a tendency to have masses of changes. Not to be confused with the recent downtime experienced nationwide by all Verizon customers — the RAZR has had some 3G/4G connection problems and they have been addressed in this update. Here are some of the key vital new features:


Improved 4G data connectivity
Eliminated false SIM error messages
Improved performance for transition between 3G and 4G connections
Improved maintenance of network connection upon completion of a voice call
Enhanced Wi-Fi performance

Phone Stability

Resolved general stability issues in menu access. Browser, Phone Dialer, video playback and music player reducing Force Close errors and lockups.


Improved readability for Lapdock email, SMS and social networking user interface menu items
Updated group message notifications

Motorola says to watch for the notification to hit your device and relish the most recent update. We tend to still aren’t certain if this can break root access or some of the straightforward one-click strategies accessible for whom it might concern. The update should be rolling throughout the holiday weekend but you'll be able to get a head begin by going to settings > menu > about phone > check for updates and give it a go today. Let us know if any issues arise within the comment section below — we recognize Motorola is known for sometimes causing a lot of issues than they fix.

Device Specifications and Information Device Info Announced Date : October 18, 2011Release Date : November 03, 2011Display Screen Size : 4.3 InchResolution : Screen Type : Super AMOLED Advanced qHDDimension & Weight Height : 5.15 InchWidth : 2.71 InchDepth : 0.27 InchWeight : 127 GramsBattery & Power Battery Capacity : 1780 mAhTalk Time : NAStand By Time : 8.9 hoursSoftware Audio Playback: AACAAC+MP3WAVWMAVideo Playback: MPEG-4 (MP4)Cellular Network CDMA Band: 800850900170019002100

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Nintendo shocker: Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto taking smaller role

Shigeru MiyamotoLegendary Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto said he will be stepping down from his supervisory executive role at the company in order to focus on smaller, more personal game projects and allow room for younger designers to advance.

In an interview with, the 59-year-old creator of venerable Nintendo franchises including Mario, Zelda, and Star Fox, said he was ceding his supervision of Nintendo’s Entertainment Analysis and Development branch, but would not be leaving Nintendo or quitting game development as a whole.

“What I really want to do is be in the forefront of game development once again myself,” he said. “Probably working on a smaller project with even younger developers. Or I might be interested in making something that I can make myself, by myself. Something really small.”

By “really small,” Miyamoto said he meant a project that could be both started and publicly shown next year, something that wouldn’t “require a five-year development time” he said.

Miyamoto has been with Nintendo since 1979, when he helped design little-remembered arcade game Sherriff, the start of a career in which he was involved in some way with almost all of Nintendo’s most successful releases. His direct impact on any particular Nintendo game has dwindled somewhat as he’s moved into an executive role at the company, though, spreading his work across high-level supervision of many teams working on high profile releases, including the recent Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Still, Miyamoto’s inspiration and guidance for the company are important enough that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said he’s barred Miyamoto from public discussion of his personal hobbies, for fear rival companies will cotton on to his next inspiration.

Speaking to Wired, Miyamoto stressed his stepping aside was the only way the young developers underneath him would be able to mature into the Nintendo leaders of tomorrow.

“Unless I say that I’m retiring, I cannot nurture the young developers,” he said. “After all, if I’m there in my position as it is, then there’s always kind of a relationship. And the young guys are always kind of in a situation where they have to listen to my ideas. But I need some people who are growing up much more than today.”

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What’s On The Xbox Update For Netflix

Xbox update for nexflixTo go along yesterday’s large Xbox Live updates, Netflix has pushed out a new user expertise for the Xbox 360. The Netflix application has undergone a complete overhaul, providing folks with a fully new look and several new features.

The new Netflix for Xbox incorporates a similar appear and feel to Xbox Live’s new dashboard. The previous scrolling navigation is there, however with a new look that predominantly options stacked rows of movie and TV art, counteracted by class. The new vogue is supposed to boost and improve browsing Netflix offerings with an Xbox Kinect.

Netflix boasts that the updated app displays three times more titles on the screen when you’re browsing and more titles overall within the app. The classes stay largely unchanged; you still see Recently Watched, Queue and every one the strangely specific genres that Netflix thinks you prefer, like “Witty Independent 20th Century Period Pieces.” Once new feature is that once a few seconds Netflix can show a screenshot of a scene from no matter movie or TV show you have selected on the main navigation screen.

Playing videos with the most recent Netflix update has changed. You'll now watch a TV show or episode whereas browsing episodes or reading a description of the video. Once a video has reached its finish, Netflix can show a banner below the video that allows you to play another episode (for TV shows) or end playback. For those acquainted with using Hulu, the banner can seem acquainted, as it's an analogous feel and appear.

If you have got an HD TV and/or a surround sound system, the update ushers in better picture and sound quality with support for 720p HD streaming and Dolby Digital surround sound. This update conjointly brings Netflix to some Latin America Xbox homeowners. Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia will now stream Netflix on a Xbox 360.

While the new Netflix look has delivered significant changes to the look and feel of the app, it's also taken some options away. The ability to watch videos with a cluster of folks on totally different Xboxes, aka the Party feature, is seemingly missing, which has angered some Xbox homeowners. Additionally, while the app shows you on its home screen that buttons to continue the Xbox controller to play a video, there are not any such cues with the banner that appears at the end of a video. I can imagine they designed this with Kinect users in mind, except for those navigating with a controller it can be confusing.

Some folks, myself included, found issues with video playback generally. It might have simply been overloaded servers from the Xbox Live update, but playback was choppy and had issues with freezing.

While this update was meant to seamlessly mix with the new Xbox Dashboard, several have lashed out against Netflix. Over on the Netflix blog you can scan comments of complaints concerning the update, problems with playback and anger over the loss of the Party feature. While the look of the new Netflix is sleek and trendy, it doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of praise.

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OnLive Launches Games App For Smartphones And Tablets

One in every of the pipe dreams of each gamer is to be able to play console-quality games on tablets and smartphones. Well, that day has return, as you'll now use an OnLive app to run full versions of games like L.A. Noire and Batman: Arkham City on an iPad, iPhone, or Android tablets and smartphones.

Games App For SmartphonesOnLive is announcing these days that it can be able to run console-category games on tablets and smartphones by streaming full console games to the devices from net-connected data centers. The service functions abundant like how OnLive streams high-quality games-on-demand to desktop computers and laptops. However now the service has been tuned to work with Wi-Fi or 4G-connected mobile devices, that sometimes have a lot of less capability to run a high-quality game. Tablets supported embrace the iPad 2, HTC Flyer, HTC Jetstream, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

OnLive’s hope is to disrupt the mobile game business, where developers haven’t been creating games at this quality level. Of course, OnLive’s games — accessible at rental, full purchase, or subscription prices — will value a lot more than several ninety nine cent or free mobile games. But these new OnLive games will raise the quality bar way higher than high-finish iPad games such as Infinity Blade II, that just debuted in the App Store. Players will conjointly be able to start out taking part in on a PC, shift to a pill, and then choose up where they left off when they go back to to the PC. The OnLive games are instantly playable; no download is needed.

“Gaming on mobile devices will never be the same,” said Steve Perlman, chief government of OnLive, in an interview. “We are delivering on our mobile vision.”

The games aren’t stripped down mobile versions. They're the console games themselves, formatted to run on the smaller screens. Steve Perlman, chief executive of OnLive in Palo Alto, Calif., said in an interview that it took a considerable quantity of work to make it attainable to run the high-finish games on such low-end computing devices. Not all of the games are bit-enabled, but OnLive is in the process of converting a variety of them thus they will run with bit controls. And it has a wireless controller which will be used to play the games that don’t have touch controls. Full told, additional than a hundred and fifty games are offered for play on OnLive on mobile.

I’ve had a smart examine a number of games, including Defense Grid Gold and Virtua Tennis 2009 with the touchscreen and Unreal Tournament with a wireless controller. They run with fluid motion on the iPad 2.

Perlman said that the free OnLive app will currently be accessible across as several as 500 million iOS (iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone) and Android devices within the U.S. and the United Kingdom. OnLive uses a combination of compression and cloud-primarily based computing power to run games in net-connected servers. Then it sends images from those games at high speeds over the net to the user’s own machine, which will show them on the screen. To the user, it seems like the sport is running on the native machine. In reality, the sport is being streamed as if it were a video. Users will play instantly while not anticipating downloads.

These streamed games have lots of advantages. A user can log into the OnLive service and their saved games from any machine. Publishers don’t have to stress regarding piracy or used games because every user is authenticated via the web affiliation. And also the user will not need a high-finish PC to play high-finish games. In June 2010, OnLive launched in the U.S. for players using PCs, Macs and laptops. In the autumn of 2010, OnLive launched its Micro Console, that allowed OnLive games to be played on big-screen TVs.

In June at the E3 show this year, Perlman demonstrated OnLive working on Facebook pages and on an iPad. But the iPad was only able to display Brag Clips or allow users to spectate. It wasn’t yet ready to reliably games on tablet devices. Users can now rent games for as very little as $1.ninety nine for three to 5 days, or get them for $49.ninety nine, or subscribe to a library of games for $nine.ninety nine a month. Currently, users can take all of the games they ordinarily can get through their rentals, purchases or subscriptions and play them on the mobile devices. In September, OnLive launched in the U.K.

In some ways in which, the mobile OnLive isn’t a surprise. HTC invested in OnLive last year, and Perlman has been showing OnLive running on devices like the HTC Flyer smartphone and also the iPad for a while. However Perlman said that OnLive had to absorb the data from the tests over the past year and rewrite a range of its compression algorithms to make the service run a lot of reliably on every individual tablet or smartphone. A lot of devices can be added over time, and more games too.

The L.A. Noire game could be a coup for OnLive. RockStar games redesigned the interface for L.A. Noire for tablets and touch. The new style creates a a lot of immersive expertise for the user, said Rowan Hajaj, vice president of finance and company development for RockStar, a division of Take-Two Interactive. L.A. Noire, that debuted this spring on the consoles, has highly realistic facial animations and lip sync technology, which ends up in ultra-realistic human characters. The sport will be exclusively accessible on mobile via OnLive as a rental or purchase in the close to future.

“We believe that this will not solely charm to current players of L.A. Noire, but conjointly reach a replacement audience of casual tablet gamers who haven't seen a game close to having the cinematic engagement of L.A. Noire,” Hajaj said. “We see our partnership with OnLive as pioneering a complete new era, and new market, in high-end gaming.”

The load times for the games are literally faster than they're on the consoles. Games such as L.A. Noire can run at 60 frames per second.

“L.A. Noire is one in all the highest-performance games offered,” Perlman said. “We tend to wanted a headline game for this launch.”

You can play a game on an iPad 2 with a Wi-Fi association. It is playable with as low as 1 megabit per second bandwidth, however 2-three megabits per second is counseled. You'll watch players in spectator mode in the Arena section. You'll read Brag Clips, or videos that record your exploits in games. You can navigate to games and tap “Play Game” to induce started. The visuals ought to be as sensible as what you see on a laptop, gamer PC, or a game console.

About 30 games are playable using a tablet’s touchscreen interface. Some games like L.A. Noire and Defense Grid Gold were either redesigned by the publisher for touch (as “native touch games”) and different games use a virtual gamepad overlay, that has an emulated mouse capability that responds to bit. Games during this class embody Darksiders, Lego Batman, and Lara Croft and therefore the Guardian of Light. A lot of bit-enabled games are returning.

With the $forty nine.ninety nine OnLive Wireless Controller, additional than a hundred and fifty games can be played on the tablets and smartphones. Games that job well with the wireless controller include Batman: Arkham City, Saint’s Row: The Third, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Homefront.

OnLive is revealing compatibility with AT&T and Verizon’s 4G LTE cellular service, enabling full high-definition resolution, low-latency gaming wherever there's 4G coverage. The work with AT&T began a while ago as AT&T invested in OnLive. Devices which faucet the 4G network and run OnLive games are the HTC Jetstream, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom.That means that you'll be able to just about play OnLive anywhere — indoors, outdoors, in the rear seat of a moving car. The Amazon Kindle, which simply debuted, is a cool new device. But it doesn’t have a lot of processing power and it doesn’t work with the wireless controller for now.

On 3G devices, the latency is about one hundred fifty milliseconds, that isn’t playable for several games. That suggests that you ought to play on Wi-Fi when using an iPad or iPad two. But the 4G devices are simply about instantaneous, Perlman said.

The OnLive app is out there as a free download at the Apple iTunes store and therefore the Android Market beginning these days. A year ago, OnLive had solely concerning 20 or 30 games out there. Currently it has additional than a hundred and fifty and will soon be at concerning two hundred. Almost each major publisher has already released games to OnLive or is in the method of doing so, Perlman said. Solely Activision Blizzard is missing from the list at the moment. Perlman hasn’t nevertheless disclosed how several subscribers OnLive has. However he said, “In terms of growth, it’s happening. We have a tendency to are in that adolescent state where really interesting things are coming out. The form of our growth curve is not not like the launch of the Xbox 360.”

In fact, after the tablet and smartphone launch, Perlman said that productivity apps — like Microsoft Office — will launch on OnLive early next year. To recap, OnLive’s investors embrace HTC, AT&T, Belgacom, Warner Bros., Juniper, and Autodesk. Partners embrace Vizio, Dell, GameStart Here, GameSpot, Intel, SRS, ATI Technologies (AMD), Nvidia, and Marvell.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

PopCap Splits Mobile Bejeweled Blitz Into Separate Products.

PopCap is moving to unbundle 2 completely different mobile branches of its incredibly popular gem-matching game franchise Bejeweled, splitting the quick-to-play Bejeweled Blitz into a free download separate from the more freeform core game, which can remain pay-to-play.

PopCap Splits Mobile Bejeweled Blitz Into Separate Products.

It shows that, while below the new possession of Electronic Arts, PopCap is adjusting to the changing popularity of business models. Additional games are moving toward free-to-play, where users play for free and pay real money in little amounts for virtual merchandise.

The 2 games were previously offered as different modes during a unified “Bejeweled a pair of + Blitz” download on Apple’s iOS app Store, which was typically sold for ninety nine cents. The separation, being rolled out these days, brings Blitz’s mobile business model additional in line with the free-to-play Facebook version, which makes cash by selling optional in-game “boost” items to over two.five million daily players blitzing through the game’s trademark sixty second bursts.

The mobile version of Blitz, PopCap’s 1st mobile freemium title, uses Facebook Connect to let players compare scores with friends, and offers a new interface and tutorial system over the previous mobile offering. EA offered the same split strategy last week with The Sims. The Sims 3 will remain a premium purchase game, whereas EA can launch The Sims FreePlay with a free-to-play model.

Meanwhile, PopCap can be retiring the most effective-selling iOS version of Bejeweled a pair of in favor of a replacement version, selling for 99 cents, that features improved graphics, game modes and achievements.

PopCap says it's sold forty million copies of the Bejeweled franchise on mobile platforms, putting it second only to the mobile version of Tetris, that is additionally controlled by PopCap parent EA.

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Verizon Galaxy Nexus is not pure google, Will Cost $300

The Galaxy Nexus could be a pure Google phone, free of bloatware and designed to run Android specifically as Google envisions it. However on Verizon Wireless, that won’t be the case.

Samsung Galaxy NexusAlthough the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will run a mostly unmodified version of Android, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich, the carrier will block Google Wallet, that allows you to pay at some retailers by swiping your phone in front of a payment terminal, Computerworld reports. Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are operating on their own payment system referred to as Isis, and Google Wallet, backed by Sprint, would be a threat. Isis isn’t launching till next year, though, so Verizon Galaxy Nexus users won’t be in a position to use NFC payments in any respect.

Verizon will additionally install bloatware on the phone. Two apps are confirmed: My Verizon Mobile and Backup Assistant. The former is somewhat understandable, because it lets Verizon customers pay and manage their bills, however the latter is redundant providing Google additionally backs up your contacts automatically (and makes them accessible on other, non-Verizon devices). Fortunately, Android Ice Cream Sandwich encompasses a bloatware removal tool to forestall unwanted software from gobbling up system resources.

Verizon hasn’t confirmed a unleash date or worth for the Galaxy Nexus nonetheless, however unnamed sources tell the Wall Street Journal that the phone can launch this month for $three hundred, and a rumor from Droid Life says the phone will launch on December 9. Verizon’s meddling aside, the Galaxy Nexus still appearance just like the Android phone to beat. Our own Harry McCracken called it“a worthy rival (to the iPhone) during a manner that previous Android phones have not been.”


Windows 8 Software Store Full Scope

Microsoft has spilled the beans–heaps and heaps of them–on the Windows Store app market that will be in Windows eight. Presumably, it would never exist in this way if Apple had never introduced the iPhone App Store. However it will look good, with a slick interface and developer-friendly terms that supply additional flexibility and a better revenue share for programs once they hit $25,000 in sales.

windows 8 storeThe one thing that bugs me concerning the Windows Store is that it’s going to be the only means for developers to distribute Windows eight apps with the new Metro interface to customers. (Businesses will circumvent it for programs they provide to their own employees.) Am I being inconsistent, considering that I live reasonably happily with Apple’s identical restriction on iOS apps? Maybe. However perhaps I’m simply grappling with the fact that Microsoft is eliminating a PC feature that’s existed for decades: The liberty to install any program we tend to select. I’ll reserve further judgement till Windows eight has shipped and therefore the Windows Store is open–and hope that it, like Apple’s App Store, ultimately feels bountiful instead of limited.

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Asus GeForce GTX580 specs are leaked

Asus GeForce GTX580 specs are leaked

Leaked specs of the upcoming Asus branded GTX580 have given everyone something to talk about - their model number being ENGTX580/2DI/1536MB. It is described as the "Standard Edition" which leads us to believe there will be higher clocked or better editions of the card to be released eventually - with the "Standard Edition" having 1.5GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 4008MHz on a 384-bus.

The core clock speed is set at 772MHz, it features dual-DVI connections, HDMI and a VGA output - compared to the GTX480 which had a 700MHz Core frequency.

The big thing is price - the GTX580 is going to be $599 US... which is a pretty outrageous price, even for the hardcore NVIDIA fan, being that this card is really what the GTX480 was meant to be before it was cut down to be released. With the HD69x0 cards so close to release, it is a big decision to jump on the GTX480 1.0, I mean GTX580... or wait it out and make a decision once both cards are on the market. But, that $599 US price is going to push a fair amount of people away - considering you could set up CF 68x0 cards for much less than that...


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Temporary Email Addresses with Hotmail

hotmailA temporary email address could come handy in situations where you don’t want to share your primary email address because of the risk of spam.

Now there are quite a few services on the web, Mailinator and 10MinuteMail for example, that have long offered temporary email addresses for free but with certain limitations.

For example, these services provide receive-only inboxes so you can’t send email to someone using your temporary address. Second, these addresses auto-expire after a certain time and then you may have to generate a new one. Finally, we don’t have much of a clue about the companies that run these services and their privacy policies.

If you have been looking for a more reliable temporary email service but without any limitations, it’s time to log in to your old Hotmail account at

Microsoft has added a new feature in Windows Live Hotmail that will let you create aliases for your main email address and the good part is that all these aliases can be managed though the same Inbox. Google Apps also supports email aliases but not Gmail.

I really like the way they have implemented aliases in Hotmail (see the video above). All incoming email for an alias gets stored in a separate folder, outside your main Inbox, and if you are getting too much spam for an alias, simply delete it from your account.

You may associate up to five different aliases with your Hotmail account.

Technically, this is quite similar to creating a new Gmail account that auto-forwards to your main Inbox and then you set up a filter for routing those messages. However, for people who aren’t that technically inclined, Hotmail’s approach is a winner.

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Guide to Choosing an Internet Based Fax Service

send fax from computerAlthough most people have moved to e-mail, there are those rare occasions when you will need to send documents signed with the signature and the fax seems to fit the resolution.

You do not have a dedicated fax machine, no more, because there are quite a few good web-based services, both paid and free that allows you to send and receive faxes using your computer, even without additional hardware. You do not have a "fax modem" or even your traditional landline phone to send a fax via the computer.

How Internet Faxing Works?

Online fax services more work in a similar way. You get a dedicated fax number and any fax message sent to this number are sent as attachments. On the other hand, if you want to send a fax from your computer to another fax machine can send the document as an attachment with the fax service online which in turn sends it to the recipient's fax machine.

Choosing an Internet Fax Service

After reviewing the plans and specifications of a service-based Internet fax dozen, I selected the top 5 services that have all the necessary functions and is more profitable. They have plans for everyone from the consumer who needs to send or receive a fax with the occasional business traveler who needs to send several faxes a day.

1. – With Got Free Fax, you can send up to two faxes in a day for free to any number in the U.S. and Canada.

You can either use its online rich text editor to compose a fax or upload a PDF /Word file from your computer, type the recipient’s fax number and hit send. The service won’t add any advertisements or branding to your faxes. If you would like to send a fax to an international number, you can buy credits through PayPal.

2. – My Fax allows you to send two faxes, with up to 10 pages each, per day for free. Unlike “Got Free Fax,” which only lets you send free faxes to US and Canada based numbers, My Fax supports a much large set of countries even for their free service.

MyFax offers a dedicated Fax number for an extra fee where you can receive faxes. All faxes sent to your personal fax number will arrive in your email inbox as PDFs.

3. – With Green Fax you can again send and receive faxes via email. They offer a unique prepaid plan where you are only charged per page for sending faxes to US and Canada numbers without any monthly fees.

If you are sending a fax to an international number, you are billed per-minute of fax transmission time and unsuccessful transmissions are not charged.

4. – If you need a fax number outside the USA, eFax is probably the best option for you. They offer your local fax numbers in 45 different countries for your incoming faxes. For a fixed monthly fee, you may receive up to 130 pages by fax per month while you pay a per page fee for sending faxes and this varies based on the destination.

With eFax, you may either send and receive faxes via your email program or they also offer integration with Microsoft Office programs.

5. RingCentral Fax – With RingCentral, you can send faxes worldwide through an email message, via their web interface, or from any Windows application. They charge a fixed monthly fee and their outgoing fee seems to be among the lowest in the industry.

Internet Fax Services – Plan Comparison Chart

The following chart (full version) compares in detail the pricing plans of various online fax services and also the cost of sending faxes to some popular destinations.

online fax - comparison

These rates often apply to fax pages that take less than 60 seconds to transmit. If the fax transmission is taking longer than 60 seconds, some companies may bill you on a per-minute basis instead of per page. 

[*] FaxPipe and MaxEmail are two other Internet based fax services that let you send and receive faxes and they have an overall lower monthly fee but it has be paid annually.

Which is the best Internet Faxing Service for me?

It depends on your country of residence, the volume of documents that you plan to fax in a month and the location of your client (if you wish to receive incoming faxes).

For most consumers, who have to send a fax occasionally , GotFreeFax looks like a perfect service. They do not charge a monthly fee, the rates for international outgoing faxes are competitive and you can send a fax from the browser without requiring any setup.

If your clients /contacts are based outside the U.S., you can go with eFax as they will give you a local fax number in that country and your clients won’t have to dial an international number in order to send you a fax. RingCentral and myFax also offer attractive pricing plans for volume faxing.

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Apple Stuffs A 3TB Hard Drive Priced At $499

Apple has a new Time Capsule, and is rocking ton storage. Inside the case is familiar with the class server, 3 TB hard drive, without notice, the Pedigree, which is more than the outgoing version of the 1TB. But this is all that has changed. The unit is part of the three Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB printer host and disk sharing. Encrypt 802.11 a / b / g / n with 40/128-bit WEP WPA/WPA2 and back up data to a massive 3 TB Drive via Time Machine in OS X..

Time Capsule's withdrawal was due to an upgrade. $ 499 for 2 TB is a little hard surface in 2011 (or in2010, for that matter), even the most dedicated of 2 TB external hard drives on the market for about $ 80. Unfortunately, the madness continues with the new model as 3 TB model is priced in the price level in spite of that $ 499 3 TB drives on sale for only $ 150. Well, not that Apple is forcing people to buy their products.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Logitech powered by Jabra

Partnerships can bring great things for society and the Jabra Logitch just announced an agreement that allows the Logitech offers a variety of Unified Communications Headset Jabra co-branded with the name "Jabra powered by Logitech". This Agreement shall be placed as part of UC Jabra Logitech's U.S. channel partners, and corporate co-brand headphones hitting the international market by the end of the year. The Jabra is great, though. The company will continue to sell their products just as they were.

The first three re-brand the product should arrive in July that the Logitech USB Speaker BSP420 (Jabra Speak 410), the Logitech Wireless DECT Headset BH970 (Jabra GO 6430) and the Logitech Wireless BH870 Bluetooth (Jabra PRO 9450).


Nashua, NH – June 21, 2011– In order to seize the significant growth opportunity within Unified Communications (UC), Jabra and Logitech have entered into a distribution agreement, where Logitech will be offering a number of select Jabra headsets under the co-branded name “Logitech powered by Jabra.”

From July 2011, Logitech will sell select Jabra UC headsets to Logitech’s channel partners and business customers, initially in the North American market. As a second step, later in the year, the co-branded headsets will be rolled out globally. By combining the channel reach and broadly known brand of Logitech with high-quality Jabra headsets, Jabra has taken an important first step in significantly expanding the presence of Jabra headsets in all relevant North American sales channels where Jabra headsets are currently not present.

Jabra will continue to sell its wide portfolio of Jabra branded headsets to its current channel partners and the enterprise sales team will continue to address large UC opportunities with the Jabra branded headsets.

“Jabra’s intention is to be a leader in the UC space and the agreement with Logitech is an important step in achieving this. We are very pleased to announce the agreement with Logitech which we believe will lead to more people using Jabra headsets for their UC solutions,” said Jabra CEO Mogens Elsberg.

“Adding voice to the UC experience is one of the most important factors for a successful deployment and adoption of the technology. We expect that the combination of Jabra’s quality headsets with the Logitech brand and channel reach will increase the awareness of UC headsets as a category to the benefit of both parties and the existing Jabra channel network,” Elsberg continued.

“This collaboration with GN Netcom will enable Logitech to be a full solution provider for Unified Communications,” said Gerald P. Quindlen, Logitech president and CEO. “Businesses will now have a single company for a full range of UC solutions – from the meeting room with LifeSize video conferencing end points and infrastructure products to PCs, Macs and tablets with webcams, headsets and speakerphones.”

The first three “Logitech powered by Jabra” products will be available in July and will include the Logitech BSP420 USB Speakerphone (Jabra SPEAK™ 410), the Logitech BH970 Wireless DECT Headset (Jabra GO™ 6430) and the Logitech BH870 Wireless Bluetooth Headset (Jabra PRO™ 9450).

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Google crashed 404

Google was unable to search for a simple term changing comport on win 7. and kazaam this happened. I just cant believe that this has happen.

a google 404 page. walla wei....

Google crashed

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Future Of Rock And Roll, Wireless Hyper Touch Guitar

Seeing the Hyper Touch really makes us proud. Since electric guitars haven’t changed much design-wise for the better part of half a century, this concept from Max Battaglia couldn’t have come sooner. The guitar world needs to be shaken and the Hyper Touch will do this—if it ever enters production.

Hyper Touch

It has a sleek exterior, the magic of the Hyper Touch is its wireless/stringless neck and fretboard. Instead of the usual steel strings, the Hyper Touch has a multi touch screen that has a whole bunch of modular features. This means the player can adjust the guitar according to his/her own specifications.

According to Yanko Design, the Hyper Touch stands apart from the rest by virtue of its innovative spin on the age old six string:

From the mind of Max Battaglia at Givingshape Design Studio, this unorthodox design replaces strings with a multi-touch screen, allowing the user to adjust the number of “strings” and frets, as well as tuning and sound effects. A wireless command center that permits endless customization and infinite possibilities of expression.


Monday, April 11, 2011

What is A Quantum Hard Drive?

Quantum Pic

Before we even explain more of  the socks out of this emerging new technology allow us a moment’s digression for a short message. The short message is “Warning: Prolific use of the word quantum is sprinkled among the sentences below.”

It all begins with the so far too-difficult-to-define quantum information, which the California Institute of Technology has found a way to transmit via quantum hard drives. The value of this breakthrough is it can overhaul optical based data storage that’s still in vogue among hard drives today.

For extra meat, here are a few technical chunks lifted from the original text:

“…the concept could be applied to more parallel transfers in future quantum drivess, with the number being virtually unlimited. The concept is based on electromagnetic transparency that absorbs four quantum channels and slows down the light to zero for storage.

Lasers were used to cool the four quantum memories, each made up of one million cesium atoms that are magnetically separated by one millimeter. The technique was first achieved by Caltech five years ago, but was limited to two ensembles. The Institute has now applied it theoretically to unlimited nodes and made a computer possible.”

For a more comprehensive review of this new field, we suggest a hearty perusal of the source article, itself only a click away. Enjoy!

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Vodafone UK to Offer Subsidized iPad

It seems that the the UK mobile phone operators are looking to offer subsidized iPads here in the UK along with monthly data contracts, we have already heard this week that both Orange and Three will offer the Apple iPad at a discounted price when people sign up to a monthly contract.

Now a third UK mobile phone operator has announced that they will be offering subsidized iPads, Vodafone, will be offering them as well as the other two over networks.

Vodafone iPad

There is still no details on how much of a discount any of the three carriers will offer for the Apple iPad when purchased with a monthly contract, and still no information on the contracts.

One company which will not be offering subsidized iPads with monthly contracts is O2, they haven’t actually given a reason for this, but there is speculation that they are waiting for the launch of the iPad 2 which is expected next year.

View the original article here

Rugged Flash Drives From Corsair, Imation, Kingston, And LaCie. Are tough Enough!

Ecer heard about the rugged flash drives, if you’re going to actually spend money on one, it may as well be one that can take a little abuse. After all, if you plan on having it with you everywhere you go, there’s a good chance this thing is going to get dropped, sat on, spilled on, and otherwise beaten up.

The big flash drive sellers all have entries in this category, some newer than others. I thought it’d be worth taking a closer look at these to see whether they live up to their rugged pedigree, and whether that pedigree is worth the money to begin with.

Today we’re testing the Corsair Survivor, Imation F150, Kingston R500, and the LaCie Xtremkey.

I should say at the outset that USB flash drives are naturally rugged, being essentially just a few memory chips, a drive controller, and a USB interface. There’s not a lot that can go wrong — but a poorly-built drive will fall apart, and of course there’s the price you pay for peace of mind. Most drives will survive a few falls or a splash of coffee, but it’s legit to want one that’s made for it. Also, none of these drives are USB 3.0, just in case you’re looking for that.

The first thing I did was drop all of these drives ten times, from a height of ten feet, onto a hardwood floor. Most small drives should be able to withstand this without cracking or anything, but sometimes you can jar the internals enough to loosen or dislodge them. All four worked properly afterwards.


The LaCie, being the heaviest, worried me the most despite being extremely solid. I don’t expect it to crack, of course, but it just seemed like it was hitting the ground pretty hard.The DT R500 worried me the least; its thick rubberized outer layer let it bounce harmlessly.The Survivor’s rubber banding also protected it, but if it were to drop on an irregular surface (rocks) it’s not as protected as the R500.The F150, the most like “normal” drives, has no protection, but is constructed of metal.

Update: I then (after being chided for taking it easy on the drives, kind of true) took a hammer to them. Five or six smart hits from various angles, about as hard as you’d want to hit a nail.

The Survivor and the R500 showed no visible damage. I was worried that the R500 would have real internal damage, as it appears to have no internal shell, but it worked fine. Still, I wouldn’t be comfortable hitting it any more.The F150's shell cracked after four hits. It works fine, but its structural integrity is compromised, and if it was ever waterproof, it sure isn’t now.You can see the damage I did to the Xtremkey after really beating on it. I was afraid it was going to dent my hammer.

I next put all these drives into my washing machine for a full “color” cycle. I did not put them in the dryer.


The Xtremkey and the Survivor were bone-dry on the inside, and as a bonus, you’ll probably hear that heavy-ass LaCie banging around in your washer or dryer before any of the others. On the other hand, it’ll sink the fastest.The R500 had a few droplets inside, which I expected since it’s not actually billed as being waterproof. I’d trust it to be spillproof, though.Imation’s F150, which actually does claim to be waterproof, had lots of moisture in it. This seemed odd, so I followed up this test with another once everybody dried off.That glass –> is not my washing machine. That picture is for the next part.

Next, I put the drives into a nice tall glass of water together and let them sit for a few minutes while I wrote up the above. I poured everything into another cup and back, agitated a bit, and generally simulated being dropped in a pool or puddle. The results were mostly the same as above: Xtremkey and Survivor totally dry, R500 had a drop or two. But the F150 was literally full of water. I was especially careful to close it tightly beforehand, in case I had not done so before. But nope, it filled right up.

A basic, practical speed test was done, not very scientific, but representative of two normal tasks: copying a few large files (totalling about a gig) and a bunch of smaller files (also around a gig) to and from the drive. All drives were formatted previous to testing. Here’s how they performed:

Note that the drives sent for review were not the same capacity. The R500 was the largest (64GB), the Survivor was 16GB, and the other two were 8GB. However, none were 2GB or 4GB, which capacities seem to be the ceiling for the low-quality drivers on giveaway and cheap drives. Differences due to capacity probably exist, but I don’t think it would be much more than a few seconds in these basic tests.

So with the comparisons done, let’s take a look at the drives individually:

Corsair Survivor (16-64GB, $40-160)


Rubber banding provides shock absorptionCompact connector endExcellent waterproofing


BulkyUnscrewing and rescrewing cap constantly can be a bother

First we have the venerable Corsair Survivor, a design that’s been around for quite a while and seems to have proven itself. I used a previous generation of these for quite a while and the one serious flaw (the rubber casing on the ends detached itself) appears to have been rectified in a slight redesign. The bands are now thicker and wider.

As you can see, it’s the largest of the bunch, though it’s not nearly as heavy as the LaCie, owing to its thinner metal shell, which is still plenty rigid. The rubber bits are corrugated for grip and the business end is labeled. It takes quite a few twists to get the top off, something that might be difficult with gloves or wet hands.

LaCie Xtremkey (8-64GB, $45-230)


Definitely the slickest lookingFeels heavy dutyWaterproofing worked well


ExpensiveHeavy, with edges – if it gets loose it could scratch a screen in your bagInconvenient to open under duressSlowest copying data to drive

LaCie’s entry is, like many of their products, also a looker. And like many of their products, it commands a premium for both the Mac connection and ostensibly a higher quality build. In this roundup, I’d say the Xtremkey is definitely the one I’d most want with me in a zombie apocalypse. It feels literally bulletproof, and when punching zombies (very dangerous) it’s a good substitute for a roll of pennies. The flip side of that is that it’s quite heavy, and is the second biggest by volume.

The tapered design seems a little strange at first but makes sense once you get used to it; it prevents rolling in a straight line (though it will still roll in a large arc and probably fall off your desk), and the larger end becomes familiar as the screw-off end, unlike the cylindrical Corsair, which must be looked at to ascertain that information. The featureless metal means it’s always shiny and clean-looking.

It’s significantly more expensive than the Corsair and Kingston, and doesn’t perform any better, but it’s solidity is reassuring.

Kingston DataTraveler R500 (16-64GB, $40-170)


Light, compactRubberized exterior is shock-resistant, won’t scratch or be scratchedQuickest performance (could be due to capacity)


Wide “neck” means you can’t plug it in next to otherNot fully waterproof

Although it’s not waterproof like the others (at least, it’s not advertised as such), the R500 excels in other ways. It’s the lightest and most compact, though that’s due to a non-metal construction, limiting its crush resistance. On the other hand, I think I would trust this one to fall down a cliff face or hill the most, since it’s got the nice rubberized coating. Also makes it easier to grip, and the bright color makes it stick out.

Its wide body means it can’t be used at the same time as most other USB devices, though. In the future, Kingston, consider a thinner profile. I can feel the rubber give a bit at the tip, meaning a few precious millimeters might have been saved.

Imation F150 (1-64GB, $50-700(!))


Nice metal casingSweet metal lanyardBuilt-in 256-bit hardware encryption


Waterproofing didn’t seem to work at allRidiculously expensive

The F150 has a familiar rectangular shape and rigid metal case. I love the lanyard they provide. Unfortunately, the wimpy rubber seal inside didn’t seem to provide any waterproofing at all. As I noted above, most drives can handle a little water on the contacts, but still, if you’re paying for waterproof, you should get waterproof. Especially at the prices these things are going for.

This drive also sports 256-bit hardware encryption, which is nice. The setup was easy on both Mac and PC, access is pretty quick (takes maybe 20 seconds to open the authentication app, put in the password, and let it re-mount the drive), and there is support for multiple users. Note: there is a more expensive version, the F200, that includes a fingerprint reader. So keep that in mind if you’re really concerned about privacy (and trust biometric over password security).

For the record, Kingston also sent over its DT Vault Privacy, which also includes encryption and is “resistant” to water and such. I felt one from each manufacturer was enough, but wanted to mention here that it went through the wash and a couple tests, and performed well data-wise but let in water during the wash. Its plastic build isn’t as reassuring as the others.


So which should you go with? Well, it’s a pretty even spread, depending on what you need. For people who need their drive bulletproof and want to pay, the Xtremkey is the way to go. I can personally attest to the Survivor’s long-term ruggedness, having owned one for a while, but it doesn’t stand out much in this company. The RT500 provides the best speeds, but can’t really be trusted in water. The F150 is secure and strong, but the water leakage makes me suspect its build quality (plus, the price).

If I had to pick one, what would I go with? Either the R500 or the Survivor — I’m afraid I just can’t wait for the transfer times of the Lacie, and unless you need security, both of these are better choices than the F150 based on my testing. Between those two, it depends on taste, really; if someone put a gun to my head, I’d go with the Survivor, since it’ll work in close quarters with other filled ports, it’s totally waterproof, and it’s lighter than the LaCie, though it’s also the bulkiest.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

X-Men: First Class Trailer

They re not trying to please everyone and focus on the core X-Men group, I think this new X-Men movie might actually be excellent.

The movie’s hitting on June 3rd, so mark your calendars. That’s just before E3, too… I smell a tie-in announcement!


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Watching Videos On Your Desktop PC Without Interruption

watching video

When watching web videos or DVD movies on your computer, your video playback may be interrupted in many different ways.

For instance, the screen saver can activate itself or the computer screen may enter sleep mode if you don’t touch the mouse or the keyboard for a long period (because you are busy watching the video). Sometimes, pop-up notifications from IMs and other programs, that are running in the background, can also interrupt playback.

You can easily turn-off these distractions through Windows Settings but the problem with this approach is that the changes will stay even when you are done watching the video. To give you an example, if you disable the screensaver before hitting play, it will stay in the disabled state forever unless you re-enable it manually.

Therefore, instead of fiddling with your existing configuration, you may consider using utilities that will also disable all these distracting elements, but only temporarily.

Some media players are start enough and will automatically turn off the screen saver during video playback. If you are using VLC, go to Video settings and check the option that says “Disable screensaver.” In Windows Media Player, go to Player options and uncheck the box that says “Allow screen saver during playback.”

If your media player doesn’t have such a feature, you can use this excellent utility called Mouse Jiggler to prevent the screensaver from becoming active. It moves the mouse pointer back and forth periodically so Windows will never go into an idle state and therefore the screensaver won’t show up.

The next task is keep your monitor awake during the video playback. Mouse Jiggler should care of this part as well or you may try Caffeine it’s like Jiggler but simulates keystrokes instead of mouse movements.

There’s nothing to install or configure – just download and run Caffeine and your system will stay awake as long as you like. Double-click the Caffeine icon in the task bar and it will disable itself – all this without making any changes to your system register or power plan.

How to Skip Trailers on DVDs

If you have too many apps running on your system, they are consuming system resources and some of them, especially the chat clients, may surprise you during playback with notifications. You can either right click-click in the task bar to selectively close these apps or get a utility like CloseAll that will automatically close all running applications with a click.

CloseAll closes all running apps by default (including itself) but you can also configure it to ignore certain applications by adding a simple exclusion list to the CloseAll.exe command line. Here’s an example:

CloseAll.exe -x="explorer.exe|firefox.exe|outlook.exe|dropbox.exe"

An excellent alternative to CloseAll is SmartClose – it will not only close all the running programs with a click but can also restore all these the programs once you are done watching the video.

It does this by capturing a snapshot of all the running process and services. If there’s a particular program or Windows Service that you would not like the utility to close, just add it to the protected list. The default settings are good enough though you can always choose the location where these system snapshots should be stored.

Finally, if you like watching videos while simultaneously working on other windows /tasks, check out Always on Top – this is again a free utility that will help you stick your media player window on top of other program windows. Launch the program, select the media player window and press Alt+Space bar to put it on top.

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Put Your Facebook Friends as CAPTCHAs!

Web applications often use CAPTCHAs to ensure that real human beings and not bots are using the system. These CAPTCHAs are mostly a combination of words that are distorted enough so that only human eyes can read and solve them.

Facebook is however taking a more social approach to CATCHA solving method.

facebook captchaTraditional CAPTCHAs are often hard to solve and therefore Facebook is experimenting with social authentication where you don’t have to recognize letters but images - they’ll show you a few pictures of your friends and ask you to name the person in those photos.

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