Thursday, December 8, 2011

Windows 8 Software Store Full Scope

Microsoft has spilled the beans–heaps and heaps of them–on the Windows Store app market that will be in Windows eight. Presumably, it would never exist in this way if Apple had never introduced the iPhone App Store. However it will look good, with a slick interface and developer-friendly terms that supply additional flexibility and a better revenue share for programs once they hit $25,000 in sales.

windows 8 storeThe one thing that bugs me concerning the Windows Store is that it’s going to be the only means for developers to distribute Windows eight apps with the new Metro interface to customers. (Businesses will circumvent it for programs they provide to their own employees.) Am I being inconsistent, considering that I live reasonably happily with Apple’s identical restriction on iOS apps? Maybe. However perhaps I’m simply grappling with the fact that Microsoft is eliminating a PC feature that’s existed for decades: The liberty to install any program we tend to select. I’ll reserve further judgement till Windows eight has shipped and therefore the Windows Store is open–and hope that it, like Apple’s App Store, ultimately feels bountiful instead of limited.

Article: Technologizer

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