Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apple Stuffs A 3TB Hard Drive Priced At $499

Apple has a new Time Capsule, and is rocking ton storage. Inside the case is familiar with the class server, 3 TB hard drive, without notice, the Pedigree, which is more than the outgoing version of the 1TB. But this is all that has changed. The unit is part of the three Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB printer host and disk sharing. Encrypt 802.11 a / b / g / n with 40/128-bit WEP WPA/WPA2 and back up data to a massive 3 TB Drive via Time Machine in OS X..

Time Capsule's withdrawal was due to an upgrade. $ 499 for 2 TB is a little hard surface in 2011 (or in2010, for that matter), even the most dedicated of 2 TB external hard drives on the market for about $ 80. Unfortunately, the madness continues with the new model as 3 TB model is priced in the price level in spite of that $ 499 3 TB drives on sale for only $ 150. Well, not that Apple is forcing people to buy their products.

Via crunchgear

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